Sedona Physical Therapist, Jody Hendryx P.T.


Sedona Physical Therapist, Jody Hendryx, holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Colorado and a B.S. in Physical Therapy from Howard University in Washington, D.C. She started Hands On-Austin in 1994 with the intention of providing a specialized Manual Therapy/Myofascial release clinic in the Austin community. Jody has extensive training in manual therapy techniques which address the fascial and connective tissue system with an emphasis on treatment of male/female pelvic floor.

Jody has been studying under John Barnes since 1988 and has taken all of his courses as well as numerous skill enhancement seminars and Therapy for the Therapist seminars. She successfully completed a proficiency assessment through John Barnes’ Myofascial Release treatment centers. Additional training includes numerous classes through the Upledger Institute for cranio-sacral therapy, muscle energy, visceral manipulation and somato emotional release. She has taken advanced pelvic floor classes through the American Physical Therapy Association and the Herman-Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute for male and female incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Dry needling technique is also utilized to facilitate faster reduction of myofascial pain patterns and trigger points.Jody has been teaching various manual therapy classes including Introduction to Myofascial Release and Treatment of Women’s Health Issues within the Austin massage community. She is a full instructor with John Barnes, P.T., and the Myofascial Release Seminars. Her experience working with John Barnes and his staff in Paoli, PA and Sedona, AZ influenced her in developing Hands On-Austin’s ongoing Intensive treatment program in Sedona, AZ and Austin, TX.  Jody Hendryx, PT with Sedona Physical Therapy partners with Verde Valley Myofascial Release in Cottonwood- also providing expert level myofascial release treatments.

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